About Us

SproutSEO.com was founded after we searched extensively for a company that offered SEO services that delivered results.  While we were able to find hundreds of “SEO” companies, after testing, none of them produced measurable results. With a primary purpose of providing measurable results, we started looking for ancillary methods to build links and increase our website rankings.  During this process we learned a few things.

The first thing we learned was that helping a website rank higher through building links and SEO services is a constantly changing field.  Our team often laughs that providing valuable SEO services is similar to hunting while blindfolded, with a sharp stick.  If you don’t know how to use your stick, you’re going to be left hungry!  We get around this difficulty by testing our methods and SEO services on our own websites to find a plan that works before using our methods on our clients’ websites.  Only after extensive testing that usually lasts 3-6 months do we employ the methods that worked in testing.  To find a successful strategy we usually need to test about 15-20 poor methods.  While this is very expensive for SproutSEO, it enables us to deliver results to you quickly without having to test on your site wasting your time and money.

The next thing we learned was that having all of our ducks in a row is absolutely necessary.  Growth is great, but growing too quickly and being stretched too thin isn’t good for any of our clients.  In an effort to keep our standards as high as possible, we often need to be selective about the clients that we work with.  If we’re not able to work with you, please don’t take offense.  It’s not you, it’s us.

The final thing we learned with our testing is that SEO is still changing on a very regular basis.  How to you hit a bulls eye that never stops moving?  You need to know where the target is going to be tomorrow, not where the target was yesterday.  We are always working on staying ahead of algorithmic changes that the search engines employ.  We frequently use a term, “future proof”.  We use it to mean that when we’re employing our SEO services on your website, that we’re trying to help you rank now, but also trying to make sure that you maintain your rankings in the future, effectively future proofing you from the next search engine updates.

If you like our methods and think our companies might be a good fit, please contact us today!