How to Build Web 2.0 Links for Free

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Web 2.0

The term “Web 2.0” was popularized in 2004 and refers to sites which emphasize ease-of-use and user created content. There are many ways to create a connection with your audience which will, in turn, increase your SERP.

Links from Posts

Internal links help strengthen your SERP. Connect topics across blog posts. Be sure and include links to other types of media. Link your blog to a video on a similar topic, for example.

Links from Comments

When you leave a comment, include a link to support your relevant point. This supporting content should be a blog post or other material created by you and connected to your site.

Interlinking other Web 2.0s and Domains

There are a variety of tools available to connect web 2.0 sites using video, social media profiles and more. Search engines look for high interactivity and a connection between you and your customers.