Amazon Link Building

Amazon page

This is the standard page promoting your Kindle, e-book or physical book. Your book synopsis should include your brand name, which will help increase your SERP. Also, mention any other books you’ve published.

Amazon Author Page

Your Amazon Author Page is valuable real estate for helping promote yourself as an authority in your industry. Highlight your industry experience and include your company name, too.

Createspace Books Page

Createspace is a platform which offers a variety of useful tools to help you self-publish your own books. You can create a how-to guide related to your industry or even publish a collection of blog posts.

Createspace Author Page

All Createspace authors can create their own author page. Aside from providing personal info, you also want to include examples of your industry expertise and links to your site. All HTML is removed, just a URL can be listed.

Links from Blogger Review

Review sites are one of the most common types of blogs found online. You’ll want to find any reviews of your product or service. Then make sure your site is properly linked to from within the review. If not, you’ll want to contact the webmaster and ask for a link directly.