How Test Case Management Can Transform Your Teams To Perform Better

Testing software before it is submitted for approval is a vital step to ensuring only quality and efficient features are included. More importantly is ensuring a smooth development process that consolidates the effort of different parties involved in the process of developing the software. If your business is based in the software industry you need to consider embracing test management tools offered by various leading companies.

These are tools that will eliminate some of the costs you incur as a result of an uncoordinated development process where every team has its say on the way different parts of software are crafted. To introduce order in the entire process, you need a management system and test case does it best.

Organize and centralize
With test case management, you can efficiently manage, organize, create, and centralize cases. The system offers you a centralized repository where you can store manual, automated and exploratory test cases. You could as well choose to import the cases you want to share with your teams in the Excel format or other document type. Additionally, you are able to come up with multiple versions of the same cases to allow re-use in future. These case repositories can be shared across different projects, sprints, and releases.

Track and manage executions
You also want your teams to have flexible options for organizing tests and to deliver powerful reporting that allows them to track results across different projects. This means you can monitor the performance of different individuals assigned to work on projects to ensure their input is in line with the requirements of the project. Most importantly, case management shows you the performance of your teams so you can execute rearrangements to suit their needs and to ensure they continually improve the way they handle different cases.

Real-time reporting and analytics
With real-time reporting from the test case management platform, you can see which parts of the program have been changed as well as the errors logged into the system and what they mean. This is a measure towards enhancing accuracy and ensuring there is quality across the board. The system provides you great visibility across different cases and you are able to organize your teams to respond to the results that are issued by the analytics. This is a vital feature as it helps to expose any errors before they grow into problems that can potentially cause damage to the entire script.

Project customization
As a project manager, you have the powers to customize and control how the project proceeds. This is possible where you get sufficient information about the system and while it might be necessary to retain your teams, you might want to learn about the contribution of every individual so you can restructure their position in the project. This authority extends to controlling user profiles at site level and when you want to produce another project that bears the same configuration as the one you are working on the clone feature helps you to enjoy rapid set up.

Rapid planning and intuitive test execution
You also want to have a fast planning and execution process, and nothing does this much better than using a test case management system. You can assign batch tasks to your teams and come up with schedules for execution, clearly outlining the steps to be taken to make it a success. With an organized system testing and responding to data becomes easy and faster, so you are assured you can complete many tasks within a short duration yet achieve perfection in all the software you design and develop with your teams.

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