How AI Will Shape The Future of Search Engine Marketing


As technology has continued to advance, new questions are coming to light. The benefits of search apps are being questioned for future use, and a voice is given to all individuals using the internet has also raised some questions. There is a concern as to how to make one voice stand out from another. Content creators consider this to be the most major challenge they face because there is an enormous amount of material flooding the internet. They must get their pages noticed, and make certain their voices are heard. David Lubbat has some well-informed opinions on artificial intelligence or AI technology.

Individuals who surf the web use one of two mechanisms for their main discoveries. The first is by using a classic search engine such as Bing, Yahoo, Google, AOL, etc. The second is through social media such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. Most web surfers will choose to go to the search engines with their queries first. With social media, the users make their discoveries through the endorsements of friends including shares and likes. Content creators have been struggling for many years to find the best way for their material to garner possible views on both search engines and social media. As technology continues to advance, web development is changing and marketing using either social media or search engines is not as exclusive as it was in the past. Technology is causing marketing to evolve at a rapid pace.

In the past, the way a company was able to gain the top position in consumer searches relied on the capability to incorporate and predict the right phrases and keywords a web surfer would choose to type into the search bar. The only other way was for the company to purchase an ad box located right under the search bar. This has changed drastically because technology has become capable of predicting the keywords destined to make it to the top spots for search results. These predictions are based on an individual’s personalized information including their search history, preferences and location. This has changed the way content creators view web development.

In the past, Google relied on links and keywords. Now they are developing ways to analyze human behavior to improve the process. When Google gathers information regarding the activity of a user on social media, they are effectively revolutionizing both social media and search engine marketing. They have found a way to fine-tune the user’s search results by using the individual’s data from their activity on the web. This is what determines which pages each web surfer will see at the top of their browser. David Lubbat has some insightful and relevant ideas regarding this new technology.

Technology is using incredibly complex algorithms to comprehend and evaluate the way a web surfer evaluates a page. According to the experts, AI will be able to handle these tasks much better than any human being in the very near future. The argument is technology using AI can actually think. This means it is more capable of attending to the needs of the users. Most of the web content developers are afraid they will not be able to compete effectively due to the advanced technology of artificial intelligence. The experts believe that if there is a good understanding of the specific target audience, this is the key to fierce competition. Their advice to the independent content creators is to place their focus on the creation of the highest quality content possible. They believe this is the most effective approach to get a company to the top of the search rankings.

The experts have also made a point of urging the content developers to perform their page evaluations using the human perspective. This is because they believe this is the direction artificial intelligence is leaning toward. There are now certain applications that are changing the way searches are performed completely. Advertising media is trying to completely change the way search engine marketing operates. They have generated a new system to provide an equal opportunity to all websites. This involves providing free ads provided the website has been registered using their application.

These new revolutionary systems are not affecting a websites listing position regardless of whether the site can afford to buy their way into one of the top-ranked spots. There is a rotation process every site must use, and their starting position is the lowest ranking. They can move upwards from there until they have gained the top position. As the site begins to move upwards, the idea is they will eventually be placed in all positions which should increase their potential for visibility.